About OpenScholar websites


If you are a Broad-affiliated group or a lab and need to have a website, let's talk!  

Broad Communications has partnered with OpenScholar to offer groups easy to manage websites. The themes are built according to the Broad style guide and hosting is provided.

You can do it yourself (themes with presets are a great option for it) or get help from OpenScholar to build and customize  your site. 

How to get started

Current Broad sites that are built using OpenScholar include:

  • https://golublab.broadinstitute.org/
  • https://oconnorlab.broadinstitute.org/
  • https://carpenter-singh-lab.broadinstitute.org/
  • https://caicedolab.broadinstitute.org/
  • https://sites.broadinstitute.org/opp
  • https://cellprofiler.org/
  • https://bbbc.broadinstitute.org/
  • https://cmg.broadinstitute.org/
  • https://sites.broadinstitute.org/safe-for-school

Why Use OpenScholar?

No technical knowledge needed! The user-friendly interface for adding and editing content requires no technical knowledge, special software, or HTML. You can edit your site from any computer with an internet connection.

Dedicated Support and Training

OpenScholar provides professional, help desk style support, and robust, regularly updated documentation. If you are interested in training, view OpenScholar Training videos.

Social Media Integration

Allow sharing of your content on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Apps & widgets

OpenScholar comes with a set of preconfigured, customizable and reusable apps that satisfy common use cases in academic websites including News, Events, Publications, Blog, FAQ, Slideshow, etc.

Drag and drop layout system

The "drag-and-drop" tool provides an easy way to arrange the content presentation on any site. You can design site-wide default layouts or create unique layouts for different sections of your site.

Custom Domains

Use your custom domain URL for your website. Please consult Communications.

Built-in Site Analytics

Easily plug-in and leverage popular site tracking services. Data collected will indicate traffic patterns across your site.