Packing & Shipping

Broad CRSP will provide Cryoboxes with dividers, CRSP Manifest Barcode Stickers, and cardboard shipping boxes.  Other materials needed by sites include:

  • Sender's address label
  • Elastic bands
  • Packing tape
  • Packing materials, i.e., bubble wrap, peanuts, material to prevent Cryoboxes from shifting
  • Category B UN3373 shipping labels if using FedEx, UPS air courier

Packing Specimens

1. Consolidate the samples in the sample Cryobox racks to make complete racks.  Please use the correct size box for your tube type.  Cryoboxes for individual samples hold 64 or 225 tubes.  Cryoboxes for pool samples hold 16 tubes.

2. Physically count all the sample tubes. Then print the one-page Manifest Cover Sheet and fill in all information as requested.

3.  Add a unique CRSP Barcode manifest sticker as indicated on Manifest Cover Sheet, and record 10-digit CRSP code in your files for reference.

4.  If you are a sending a smaller shipment in a Cryobox only (no shipping box), please fold the Manifest into quarters with the CRSP address and CRSP Barcode Manifest sticker visible. Then secure the folded Manifest to the Cryobox with Elastic bands -- PLEASE DO NOT TAPE THE CRYOBOXES SHUT

5. If you have multiple Cryoboxes, consolidate secured Cryoboxes into as few shipping boxes as possible. 45 Cryoboxes can fit in our 14 x 14 x 10" shipping boxes. Do not use any wet ice for packaging.  Dry specimens are stable long term at room temperature.

6.  Place the completed Manifest Cover Sheet in the shipping box.

7.  Pack the shipping box with packing materials so the contents do not shift around during transport and seal the shipping box shut with tape and label your boxes for delivery to:

320 Charles Street
Cambridge, MA 02141
COVID Testing Lab 130

Ensure that the sender's company name, address, contact name, and contact phone number are included on the shipping label.

If shipping with FedEx or UPS, follow shipping regulations for UN 3373 Biological Substance, Category B. 
Refer to Interim Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines for Handling and Processing Specimens Associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19).

Shipping and Receiving

Schools/Universities within Massachusetts should coordinate delivery with  STAT Delivery Services. For shipments outside of MA, schools can arrange their own shipping, or contact STAT to arrange a fixed amount per pick-up based on mileage, average time, and tolls to and from the site.Bring the shipping box(es) to the pick up location for your courier service at your designated time.

Shipments are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at CRSP COVID Testing Lab 130, 320 Charles St. Cambridge, MA

  • FedEx, UPS and larger shipments should use the loading dock located on Bent St.
    • Loading dock hours are 8am to 4pm M-F.
    • If delivering via truck, the maximum trailer length is 43’. The loading dock height is 4’6” from the ground. Note: There is only one loading bay at this location, so only one vehicle can be accommodated at a time.
  • All other shipments (and off hour Fedex and UPS) shipments should be delivered to the front lobby on the Charles St. side of the building.
    • Face masks are required to enter the building.
    • Security will accept the delivery and contact the lab team to receive/sign for it